Curveball - by team 25 (Siran, Akash, Ruiming)

You can play this game on any browser at:

Otherwise, run curveball.html on Firefox, Safari, or IE.

Advanced Feature : Bump Mapping. (Our physics and collisions could also count as advanced features)

Other features: physics (magnus effect), motion blur, AI, camera movement, lighting, texture mapping, collision detection, collision resolution, HUD, audio.

Press 'p' during the play to pause the game. Press 'b' during the play to toggle on or off motion blur of the paddle.

Move your paddle quickly across the ball to spin it, earn higher scores, and have a better chance to win! Every time leveling up you will receive an extra life! So... Have fun!

Note: If your game is not running smoothly, please press 'b' to toggle off motion blur.